How Farm to Tables at Island Harvest Began

Read about the history behind the Farm to Table events we organize.

On a sunny summer day, at the Camano Island Farmers Market, I approached the ever so sweet Rachel Pigott and asked if she would be interested in hosting a Farm to Table Dinner at her farm. She hesitated because, well, she didn’t know me and honestly, it’s a lot of responsibility. But I could tell she had interest and so I spent the rest of 2018 figuring out how I could make my dreams a reality!

Originally, I planned to spend that time preparing to enter into Chopped but I changed courses and decided to grow my family. In early 2019, I met with Rachel to propose more concrete ideas and she was on board! I personally had and still haven’t been to a Farm to Table Dinner but Instagram gave a beautiful image of what they are. From there, the ideas spread like wild fire.

In June 2019, Rachel and I hosted a private Farm to Table dinner with friends and family as a trial run. I spent weeks meeting with farmers, vitners and others who had done dinners before. I purchased clay tablecloth weights in the shapes of farm animals and vegetables and hand pour candles. Everything I sourced was local and every guest was educated on who grew, harvested, butchered or poured the items they experienced.

The day of the dinner I woke up at 5:30am to farm animals falling from the sky in the shape of raindrops. It was raining, HARD. So I prayed, “please let us get some sunshine” and by 12pm I was sweating in 70 degree sunshine. I worked from the time I woke up until 10pm, prepping every last details for the dinner.

The dinner was amazing! Our guests dined outside in between two vegetable fields on the farm where the food they were eating was grown. They were served five courses and two glasses of paired wine. The guests all mingled as if they were long-time friends and most had just met that evening.

From there we knew that we could not only do this but that we would enjoy this! For me, it was my dream coming true, I loved every part of it! The way I could be creative, educate people and open the minds of our guests. That is how the Farm to Table events started at Island Harvest Farm.