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Simplifying Your Life - One Meal at a Time

I get it. Busy life, lots of obligations. Kids, work, school. Its go, go, go. For some of us there’s no time for cooking. We want something that tastes great, is fresh and most importantly, healthy! Some of us have the time but don’t even enjoy cooking (it’s probably the dishes we dread!).

And some of us are absolutely lost even with the most detailed recipes guiding us through the boxed mac and cheese. That’s all okay! I’m here to simplify your life and give you back the time you want for the things in life you enjoy.


Healthy Ingredients

We use local and organic whenever possible

Every single dish I prepare is perfected, down to the garnish. I am passionate and in-tune with my clients and my work shows that. I provide my clients with a constantly growing menu and offer menu planning for specific dietary needs. No special diet is too special!

Cooking is more than a job for me, it’s a passion and even a lifestyle. I am completely invested into each item that I prepare and absolutely love creating a healthy relationship between client and food.


Hi Courtney!! Thank you so much for catering our son’s first birthday party! We are so impressed with you, we wanted you to stay with us forever after the party, heehee! We really appreciate your professionalism, clear communication, and personal touch with us from day 1. We know we ran you ragged with all of our questions, (and our slow responses and wishiwashiness, sorry!). We had never hired a caterer before and weren’t sure what we were looking for, but you guided us gently and patiently. You assured us that everything would go smoothly and it did. We are so impressed with how you were able to accommodate all of our guests’ varied diets. You and Alexa exceeded our expectations, we can’t thank you enough! Also, your sandwiches, beverages, and cake tasted spectacular!! Many of our guests raved about it! Can’t wait to throw another party so we can taste your creations again! If anyone out there is looking at this page, just shopping around for a caterer, your search is over. Courtney is the best! Love, Sharada, Marc, and baby Sammy

Sharada Glickman

Courtney is amazing! She catered my wedding over a year ago. Food was outstanding! People still rave about it. She prepared a variety of foods to cater to my vegan daughter that still satisfied the tastes of everyone else. Everything was cooked to perfection, on time, unique and delicious! She cleaned up the venue kitchen and everything. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate all that she did to make our wedding meal amazing!

Apryl Anderson